SBIR Success Story

Sparkle Optics builds some of the World’s Highest Power Diffraction-limited Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers for Department of Defense (DOD) Applications using Proprietary Rotary Disk Laser Technology.

Rotary Disk Lasers and Gain Modules:

Sparkle Optics supplies advanced custom lasers and laser gain modules to DOD customers and DOD prime contractors.

Sample of Sparkle Optics diffraction-limited lasers:

  • 384-W cw laser at 1030 nm
  • 214-W ns laser at 1030 nm (infrared), >14 mJ per pulse
  • 87-W ns laser at 515 nm (green), > 7 mJ per pulse
  • 53-W ns laser at 343 nm (uv)

Laser Applications:

  • Beacon and Track Illuminators for Directed Energy
  • Remote Sensing
  • Deep Space Communication
  • Lidar