Sparkle Optics designs and manufactures advanced rotary disk lasers for government applications. Due to significant customization, each laser is different. Brochures of standard products are available for downloading. Specifications of other products are available upon request.

Sparkle Optics Illuminator Laser is a reliable turn-key computer controlled laser for long term operation

Rotary disk lasers have a unique combination of features, which set them apart from all other solid state lasers. These include:

  1. Design flexibility: Government customers and aerospace companies are able to buy rotary disk laser gain modules from Sparkle Optics for installation in laser oscillators or laser amplifiers and for operation at many fundamental laser wavelengths.
  2. Higher pulse energy than any other laser in ns, ps, fs operation
  3. Average power scalability beyond any other laser in ns, ps, fs operation
  4. Average power scalability to 100 kW in a laser oscillator in cw operation
  5. Diffraction limited beam quality
  6. Pulse format diversity from cw to ns, ps and fs operation
  7. Wavelength diversity from 200 nm to >5000 nm using nonlinear optics
  8. Reliable operation
  9. Lower cost per W than other high energy/high power lasers in its class